Rigorous management of intangible assets allows companies to achieve short and long-term value creation. In order to estimate a company’s ability to create value in the future we are developing non-financial indicators that organisations can incorporate along with their financial indicators in their strategic Balanced Scorecards.

We are aiming to standardise and consolidate indicators that show the economic return of key intangible assets: brand, reputation, communication, employee commitment, customer satisfaction –and their advocacy, as well as their products and services.

We generate knowledge and management models in:

- Value of intangible assets

- Non-financial indicators

- Balanced Scorecards



Innovation in Metrics: proving the contribution of intangible assets to value generation

Madrid hosts the II Meeting about Innovation in Metrics of Intangible Assets on the occasion of Measurement Month organised by AMEC, the International association for the measurement and evaluation of communication.

Corporate Excellence and Dircom hold the First Conference on Innovation in Metrics

The Conference meeting brought together top experts in the area: more than 200 professionals came to CaixaForum to discuss current trends in the field of measuring intangible assets.

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